Hard waters a problem for any household. You will have trouble in bathing, washing your clothes, washing your utensils, and watering your plants and much more. Hard water also corrodes your pipes and sinks. This causes early replacements. So to avoid all this we install water softeners in our houses. Not everyone has the knowledge and experience to install these softeners. So here is a step by step guide to help you out –


To install a Salt-Based Water Softening System

The Tools and Materials required for this job are a Tape measure, Pipe cutters, Pipe wrench, Tee valves, Gate valves, 2 compression fittings, Tubing or copper pipe, Flexible tubing, 2 union fittings, PVC solvent or flux, Teflon tape, Torch and solder.

  1. Now once you have the tools firstly shut off the water from the main line and drain your pipes by letting water out. Also shut off your hot water heater and also the power leading to it.
  2. Now locate a place in main line where you want to install the water softener but it has to be before the line feeds to hot water heater.
  3. Now cut into the main line using a pipe cutter. Now you have to install an elbow fitting in the line. You have to measure the pipes that lead into the bypass valve by taking the measurements from the unit. Cut the pipes to according to the fitting needed, and if any soldering is required do it on any nipples and fittings before you connect the pipe to the bypass valve.
  4. Now you have to attach the pipes to the unit using compression fittings. Clamp the hose to the unit, and then feed it to where it will drain. You can choose from floor drain, utility sink, or sump pump. Make sure that the end of the hose is at least two inches above the drain hole so that there is no siphoning of the water.
  5. Now just connect the overflow tube to the brine tank and for guidance refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for height and placement.Turn the valve to the bypass position and flush water through it this will remove any sediment or debris.
  6. Plug in the unit and set the valve to the backwash position. Open the valve up very slowly to let water in while releasing any air in the pipes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up the flushing schedule, and for adding salt to the tanks.

You can also check the step by step guide of installation of a water softener system on this website: Watersoftenerguide.com.

To install Magnetic systems

Tools and Materials required are a Screwdriver and an Adjustable wrench.

  1. Firstly locate an area where you want to install the magnetic system. As they are not very big, and they can fit over your pipe, you can put them nearly anywhere. This comes in handy as you can install them small spaces where a large filter wouldn’t go.
  2. Open up the magnet box carefully according to the instructions. Normally it should hinge on one side which allows it to clamp down over the pipe.
  3. Fit the box around the pipe, focused on according to direction so that the water flows through the box in the precise course. Close the box around the pipe and secure it with the screws or nuts provided.

Visit this page to get more information on Water Softeners.

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