Showbox, the Final Destination for all your favorite Movies and Shows

Showbox is one of the finest application with amazing features that lets you watch movies and television series absolutely free. The best part about Showbox is you can download it for free from Google play. Its ease of availability makes it a masterpiece. It is power-packed with features that give u a choice from over hundreds of movies and all the best TV series to watch online or download right in your android phone.  While movies are separated into different filters like genre, year, variety, they can also be sorted based on IMBD’s ratings or Showbox’s self ratings. Moreover Showbox has great flexibility over the quality of video streaming. It allows you to choose a cut-fine based on bandwidth from 360P to 720P. Though it is impossible to have all videos in HD format, ninety percent of the movies featured on the home page are available in 720P. Moreover, Showbox for i-Phone lets you to watch your favorite movie in any player that you prefer and for effortless streaming subtitle files are also accessible. What more can you wish from an app that lets you watch and download movies, all for zero penny on the go?!


Now, you may wonder if you can at all watch the current Hollywood hits or your favorite movie from the 80s or 90s in Showbox. Well, Showbox continuously updates its movie list on a regular basis and ergo always features the latest movies on its home screen. Sometimes, you may miss your favorite movie or series in Showbox, then check the latest update list to make sure your movie is there. While you can chose the year a particular movie released you can also search for a movie directly. Some of the current movies of 2016 showing in Showbox on its main screen are Gods of Egypt (Fantasy film), Kung fu Panda (Animated film), Ride Along 2(Action, comedy), Hollow Creek (Horror and Mystery), The Revenant(Drama). Many movie of 2015 are available in Showbox: 7 Cases, The age of Adeline, The Human centipede 3, Testament of youth, Heathers, Cindrella, Vendetta and While We’re Young to name a few. Other movies on Showbox are: Avengers- Age of Ultron, Mad Max, Pitch Perfect 2, Ant Man, Fast and Furious 7, Duff, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fishing Naked, Ex Machina, The Boy Next Door, Jupiter Ascending, 22 Jump Street etc. There are a few sites where you can look up to for the updated lists of movies shown on Showbox.  As for TV Series you get some of the famous and popular ones in Showbox like band of brothers, breaking bad, Walking Dead, The Big Bang theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Keep up with the Kardashians, Gotham and  Modern Family but perhaps not all that you want (My personal favorite Game of Thrones unfortunately isn’t in the list).

To sum it all up, Showbox has a smooth and user friendly interface and is a prodigious app for all android users giving you the freedom to watch block buster Hits and misses and all your favorite TV shows for zero cost on your mobile phone or tablets. It has got a wide range of movies covering myriad genres, years and variety for you to savor hence gives you plenty of reasons to download it today itself!!

Magical Beasts: The Brass Dragon

Now you can have Uranium and you’re ketchup all in the same place!

A fun way to learn your elements or subject your children to your quirky interests.  The Periodic Table Magnetsfrom Simple Memory Art comes in one sheet and can be separated into individual elements (well, not actual elements, but you get the idea).
Mix and match the elements to arrange your own table, perhaps outsmarting Dmitri Mendeleev in the process, but you’ll probably just make a mess.

Brass dragon Forgotten Realms

This 100% hand-woven coconut fiber home plate doormat not only puts a smile on the baseball fans face every time he gets home, it puts 14 cents a day in some underprivileged 8 year-olds pocket after a long day of work.
I’ve always wondered, is home plate called such because it looks like a retarded kids rendition of an upside down house?  And if so, shouldn’t it be called HOWE Plate?… give it a second, you’ll get it.